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Warriors reversal of the pelican season first win, Curry 28 +9 Adu sent 7 blocks

Le 21 octobre 2017, 10:55 dans Humeurs 0

Warriors away to 128-120 reversal of pelicans, made the first win of the season. Curry 28 points and 8 assists, Thompson 31 points, Durant scored 22 points, but also contributed 7 note cover. Pelican side Cousins ​​35 points and 14 rebounds and 5 assists, Davis 35 points and 17 rebounds.

The star of the field: Durant a pillar of the sky


The game data up to a few people, water basketball Shorts Cheap brother outside the three-point constantly, Pelican twin towers are invincible. But talk about the most brilliant performance, none other than Durant. In addition to the game he scored 22 points, but also sent out 7 cover, successfully defended the Warriors inside.


Competition trends: Warriors reversal to win


Although the strength of the Warriors was significantly stronger than the pelican, but after the opening is the home of the Pelicans dominated, Holliday and Corningham continuous shot in the third, the pelican to 15-6 lead. Then Davis layup again, the pelican has achieved double-digit advantage. Warriors opening state of the slow, was hit some confused, Davis made two free throws, the score further expanded to 25-11. Andre Iguodala and Thompson scored 5 points, but Clark and Crawford and outside in a row to vote for three points. The first section of the game, the pelican team hit the eighth in mind three points, with Davis last minute single-handedly transported to the front of the buzzer third hit, the home team to 39-26 lead.


The two sides of the second section you come to me, Chicago Bulls apparel Cheap West and Nick - Young continuous vote in the third, but the pelican firepower is still strong, Crawford arc top hand shot long shot, West made two free throws, Crawford is one-third of the vote. Half before the end of 5 minutes 27 seconds, Green on Cousins ​​foul, the two sides clashed. The results of Green to eat technical fouls, Cousins ​​shot free throws, pelican to 57-42 hand 15 minutes ahead. However, for the warriors, 15 points behind the heart is not a thing, Thompson three points in the vote, Durant completed 2 +1 attack. Halftime before the end of 2.1 seconds, Durant outside again in the third, the score was reduced to 64-61, the pelican only with 3 points advantage into the second half.


The warrior in the less than 4 minutes to play the climax of 16-2 to 77-66 go-ahead 11 points The Pelican twin towers began to force, Davis hit three points after the foul and made two free throws, followed by a strong eyebrows layup, the home team will be closer to 4 points difference. However, Green scored three points outside, Curry and even with the sudden break points. Before the end of the three, Iguodala fast-break dunk, Bell and grabbed the offensive rebounds to complete the second attack, the Warriors to 98-90 end of the first three sessions of the fight.


When the defending champion began to force, the pelican finally could not carry the opponent. Durant gave Cousins ​​a big hat, this is Adu this game personally sixth hat. The home team once the points difference to 5 points, the key moment Thompson hit three points. 1 minute 47 seconds before the end of the game, Cousins ​​labeled 2 +1, the score into 116-121. Durant strong cast three points, Pachulia grabbed offensive rebounds, Curry game before the end of 1 minute 10 seconds corner shot long shot. Cousins ​​layup, Philadelphia Sixers apparel Cheap Pachulia in the case of unguarded easy layup, defending champion to seal the victory.


Contest: Green Cosses conflict


The game went to the next section, between Green and Cousins ​​broke out in the conflict, after the fouls of Causeway, Green is very dissatisfied, the results eat a technical offense. And Cousins ​​is not fuel-efficient lights, was replaced at the end, he intentionally or unintentionally hit the Green look, the result was a burst of Green spray. While Cousins ​​even sitting on the bench, still did not show weakness, toward the Green mouth kept.

Warriors three or absent opener Paul resumed training: will be ready

Le 16 octobre 2017, 19:29 dans Humeurs 0

Rockets star Chris Paul has resumed training today and says he will be ready for the regular season opener. According to ESPN reports, the Warriors three players (Andre - Iguodala, Omi - Casby and Sean - Livingston), may be absent and the Rockets this opener.

The rocket was glad to see Paul taking part in NBA All Star Jerseys Cheap today's training, and Paul did not appear on the list of wounded wars. Paul was not ready to celebrate, he was only allowed to attend the training, but he was still very happy.


When asked if it had been 100% recovered, Paul kept saying: "I will be ready for the game."


When asked if he was worried about his left knee injury, Paul said, "I'm ready for the game."


On Wednesday, the regular season of the new season will open the curtain, when the Rockets will be on the road to challenge the Warriors. For that game, the Rockets did not have much discussion, they are more concerned about the remaining two days, which began to return to training in Paul. Paul missed two of the three preseason games last week, but today's training at the Toyota Center and tomorrow's training at the Oracle Arena will give him a chance to make up for lost time because he needs to continue to adapt The rocket's offensive system and its new role.


Paul is not the only new rocket, but PJ-Tucker and Luke - Richard - Bamot have played five preseason games, and Paul's role is different, he not only with the starting players NBA Jackets Cheap to play, but also To create an offensive opportunity for the lineup. "It's very valuable not only for me, but also for our team, we have to be ready for the game." Paul said, "The preseason is over and now comes into a harder We must be prepared. "


According to ESPN writer Chris Haynes, Warriors coach Steve Cole said in an interview today that Casspi and Iguodala may be absent from the Rockets opener. Cassie was troubled by an ankle injury, and today he only participated in non-confrontation training; and Iguodala was trapped in the back injury, he did not participate in today's training.


In addition, Sean - Livingston did not participate in Houston Rockets Womens Jersey the training of the Warriors today, there may be absent and the Rockets opener, he felt uncomfortable in recent days. And the previous illness of Kevin - Durant and back injury Raymond - Green, are today to participate in the training.


Official declared! The Nuggets officially renewed Harris, who hit the first division

Le 13 octobre 2017, 05:52 dans Humeurs 0

According to the Nuggets official website reported that the Nuggets general manager Tim - Cornell today announced that they officially and score guard Gary - Harris signed a contract. The Nuggets did not release the details of the contract, but according to media reports, Harris got a four-year $ 84 million contract.

Harris is 23 years old and last season is the cheap Indiana Pacers Jersey  best season for his young career. Last season he played 57 games (56 starts), averaging 31.3 minutes of playing time, he could get 14.9 points, 3.1 Rebounds, 2.9 assists and 1.2 steals, shooting 50.2 percent from the field, with a three-point shooting of 42 percent, with scores, rebounds, assists and two shots hit a new career.


It is worth mentioning that last season Harris's three-point shooting ranked eighth in the league, shooting percentage in the shooting guard ranked first. In addition, Harris is one of the 155 players who shot at least 60 three-pointers in the last season, with only two of them shooting more than 50 percent and three-point shooting. Nuggets in the history of the second to do this player.


Harris is 1.93 meters tall and weighs 95 kilograms. At the 2014 NBA Draft, he was selected by the Nuggets in the first round of the 19th round. He played for the Nuggets for the past three seasons and grew into the team's starting shooting guard The Career so far, Harris played a total of 188 regular season (138 games), during which he averaged 26.3 minutes of playing time, can get 10.5 points, 2.5 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.1 steals, shooting For 46%, Chicago Bulls Shorts three-point shooting rate of 35.6%.


Harris's contract contract came into effect from the 2018-19 season, according to Union sources, the contract's salary is divided into two parts, part of which is 74 million US dollars to ensure the salary, the other 10 million US dollars is the ball Team and individual performance. Oklahoma City Thunder Youth Jersey Harris 2018-19 season salary into the league top scoring guard of the top ten, the other nine players are James - Harden, De Mar - DeRozan, CJ-McCormum, Bradley - Bill, Nicholas - Bartum, Victor - Oradea, Jimmy - Butler, Clay - Thompson and Wesley - Matthews.


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